About Me

My name is Tina Kokott and together with my partner and our son Kai I live surrounded by magnificent trees and the wild ocean in the beautiful town of Denmark in the Great Southern area of Western Australia.

I was very fortunate to have invaluable support throughout my pregnancy, Kai’s birth and the time after. I wholeheartedly believe that this is the reason why I am a happy and healthy mama to a happy and healthy baby. However, I worked very hard to have the birth that I wanted. I had to fight for it. I believe that this shouldn’t have been necessary.

The time of becoming a mother should be sacred and filled with love and support. This is why I became a doula. I want you to have the birth that you desire, because you deserve it.

My Mission

My mission as a doula is to hold space for you, so you can tap into your intuition and trust in the beauty of your body’s birthing wisdom.

I will provide you with emotional, physical, and informational support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period, so that you feel safe and supported during your journey into motherhood.

How I Can Support You

  • I listen to you. I will acknowledge your fears, wishes, and needs and will help you formulate your birth plan accordingly.
  • Coming from a science background I believe in the importance of evidence-based information. As your doula I will provide you with the latest research so you can make informed conscious decisions for yourself and your baby, and achieve the birth you want.
  • I prepare your partner to be the best possible support at your birth, so you can fully focus on what is most important – yourself and your baby.
  • I will help you maintain your autonomy as the birthing mother, so you can make the choices that are right for you. Freely and without judgement.
  • I am trained in acupressure and massage, which will minimise discomfort and allows you to stay positive and calm.
  • As your birth support I provide you with ongoing information, techniques and tools, and continuity of care throughout your pregnancy, birth and after. I can be your person of trust, who knows you and makes you feel safe and cared for.
  • I am familiar with the hypnobirthing philosophy, language, and tools. This enables me to give the best possible support should you be using hypnobirthing techniques. I will encourage your health care providers to support you in that as well.
  • I am familiar with Spinning Babies tools and techniques to encourage your baby into a better position during pregnancy and labour and to reduce the risk of interventions and caesarean.
  • I will support you in the time after your baby is born, so you can focus on establishing breastfeeding, bonding, and falling in love with your baby.